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On the other hand the interface already has generally a large number of web pages or templates built pre which you can use as basis for your own. -SCRIPTS are small programs that help us to perform repetitive tasks and improve the functionality of our site; There are galore from utilities to allow users to register to accept their opinions, are usually available for free, only have to download and add the HTML code that you provide. Basically, scripts added interactivity to your site while helping to perform certain tasks. You can get scripts to create menus, buttons, books of visitors, watches, deploy appointments, and much more. -IMAGES images or graphics help us at the sites to illustrate a concept or they are used to show our products or services, which makes our site to convey the concepts much more effectively. The formats that can be used vary, some of them are GIF, PNG, JPEG, FLAS, etc. – headers (HEADERS) header is the beginning of any web site, there is a web site without a header; These may be animated or static images composed, it serves as the title of the site and contains the name or slogan for your site.

The header gives identity to your site, users and new visitors have to admit only to see it, it can create through a generator or designing a chart and place it there; There are also thousands of free headers if you want you can use them. -BANNERS banners are a particular form of graphics and spaces intended as ads, used to advertise products or services either own or affiliates. The banner is linked to another site, so that when the visitor clicks on, it is automatically directed to what is promoting. They come in different shapes and formats, to create them you can use the same tools that you use for the headers, but if you want them animated you need to use Flash or Animation Shop. So far these are just some of the tools that you can use if you want to build a web site static, or traditional, you’ll need them late or early to create your business online, as it were the face of your business, where you can find your customers, is not something to take lightly. If you need resources for web pages, tools or information to generate income online, so invite you to visit where you will find extensive information and ebooks for download free of charge to start your adventure on the internet. A big Hello. By its greatest success.

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