Graphic Design in the Big Apple

Baltasar Gracin

The work, for its proper nature, possesss a social aspect, that cannot be ignored in no way.Then, if it says that the work is practically a social function, that contributes for the common good of the Society. (PALOMINO, 1993, translation ours) Already for the Renascentista writer, Baltasar Gracin (2003), that although not to be jurist, but yes a philosopher, in its education notices it proximity with the subject in guideline and of innovative form for its time teaches: ' ' This is the biggest most easy mistake and to commit. … Does not have nothing that demands a deeper look of what the soul human being … ' ' , when treating on ' ' Not to deceive itself on the condition of pessoas.' ' , what it sends in them to the human preconceptions. From the vision shared for this author, still on its manual of practical use, we can make a parameter on its agreement concerning knowledge on the nature of the jobs. It says: Each occupation has its characteristics and is necessary a skillful knowledge to understand these differences.

Some jobs need value and others of shrewdness. They are more easy the ones that depend on the straightness, and more difficult the ones that they need caution. In the first case it is enough to have good character, in as nor all the attention and desvelo are enough. To direct men is a laborious occupation, mainly they are wild or fools. … (GRACIN, 2003) QUALIFICATION, WHITEWASHING AND INCLUSION IN THE WORK MARKET. The qualification, whitewashing and professional inclusion are nomenclatures of techniques for acquisition and/or adaptation of the labor capacity for the ingression of people with deficiency in the work market, being that never they had had working experience, that they had had working experience and for some reason they had lost its practises, and/or those that are apt to a vacant in the market of work.

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