Graphic Design in the Big Apple

Belo Horizonte

Beyond the difficult representation of the 9,631 points, many of which overlapped, it was faced, also, the occurrence, in one alone point, of almost five hundreds of CNAEs, as in the case of the Central Market of Belo Horizonte, located to August Av. de Lima, 744. It is distinguished, however, not to be about 494 different enterprises, a time that one company only can present varied CNAEs. Such dissonncia if must, particularly, to the quality of the data yielded for the CDL-BH, that when making eliminated it the identification of the companies. In another way, the number of enterprises would be identified and not, only, the number of CNAEs.

The solution was found by the use of the tax sectors, after understood its form of aggregation and presentation of data. One gives credit that, in if treating to, approximately, forty and two a thousand (42.000) registers of CNAEs, more do not have another adjusted form of joint representation. For the association of the prompt data retail to the tax sectors it was used, initially, a consultation, in the MapInfo software, that was exported to Excel software. In this, for Dynamic Table resource, it was possible to quantify the totality of retail enterprises gifts in each tax sector e, then, to re-export it MapInfo and to proceed to its cartographic representation, as well as used for the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Estatstica (IBGE). The results reached through the association of the points to the sectors, in the MapInfo, and of the Dynamic Table, in Excel, make possible, thus, the analysis of the intended retail composition. In the studied region, of the 377 tax sectors instituted by the IBGE, in 2000, 53 had not presented any economic activity. The SPACE DISTRIBUTION OF the RETAIL IN the REGIONAL CENTRO-SUL OF Belo Horizonte Considered the retail and the theories of the localization, was defined the Regional Center-South of Belo Horizonte as case study, one enters the nine instituted in the capital city of the State of Minas Gerais.

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