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The conclusion is unambiguous: we have long and hopelessly losing the struggle for markets of Western Europe and U.S. companies. What is the reason? It would seem, the answer is unequivocal: the low productivity of labor. No! Once again I want to ask question: 'Why? Why? '. The reason, in our view, the managers of companies ignoring the modern systems of education and business in the first place of business training. Otherwise, how can we explain such a catastrophic situation? Business education in Ukrainian Yes, we can say that we use in our work forms of training such as seminars. Good time-tested form.

But, alas! Once I was involved in an internal seminar Kiev enterprises. I will allow myself to tell. As a rule, according to a previously approved plan once a month or quarter, specialists of the head with the company gathered in the auditorium at the seminar. Purpose: to discuss problematic issues, and discuss the positive and negative experience of the staff, a variety of changes in legislation etc. Head of the company (incidentally, an experienced and competent specialist) called it a seminar. Next, I think you should not continue. What you do realize that everything in the end reduced to a banal pumping by the leadership, reading specialist of explanatory work among the masses of a piece of paper changes in legislation. On the atmosphere of the seminar and can not speak: first, anxiety and fear in the face of the authorities, gradually turning into a sad listening to changes and innovations in the legislation, introduction of new forms of work with clients. Business – education the most effective investment in a conversation with me one of the managers of Kiev to the question why the company spends so little training, said that the company has invested heavily in creating user-friendly workplaces: sets computers, modern communications, Internet, etc., and education of employees – is in most cases, their own business.

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