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Current study “MetallRente 2013” precautionary worry a recent study shows: only a few young people provide sufficiently for the later retirement. Rather, young people invest in their own training to increase the chances on the labour market. The study’s authors see a danger for the ages here. Because who rely too much on the statutory pension, old-age poverty in danger. Save 85 percent, and 38 percent savings is also among the young people. The survey by the Research Institute TNS infratest Sozialforschung on behalf of IG metal and total metal, said 85 percent of the 2,500 participants to put money aside.

55 Per cent of respondents regularly does, save 30 percent irregularly. However, relatively few young people provide also for the own life evening. Only 38 percent said already to invest in private pension plans. Young people are willing to provide, but overwhelmed while just under half of the respondents indicating itself as competent in financial questions to assess specific to the investment. The authors of the study see a cause in the still too low saving ratio in the lack of knowledge about the possibilities for the provision.

A greater willingness, however, does not entail an increase in the pension. So politics must start not more calls to private pensions, but bring rather better educational offers with regard to the various options on the way. Particularly as a result of the euro and financial crisis, young people feel otherwise overwhelmed to make a decision about retirement. Study: some 2,500 adolescents and young adults aged between 17 and 27 years of age were interviewed. The survey was carried out here by telephone, and nationwide, the average interview takes about 20 minutes.

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