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Choco Engraving

The awards that the artist has won throughout his career are many. As a selection of them are: Adam Montparnasse collective prize at the Paris Salon of May 1968; the prize of painting and drawing at the Salon Nacional de Artes Plasticas of the Union of writers and artists of Cuba (UNEAC) in 1984; receives mention in Salon UNEAC 1990 by my window installation view graphics and computerized Video in La Habana, Cuba; First prize in the V meeting of scientific research on art in 1989 for work on the implementation of the computer as an artistic tool in the Instituto Superior de Arte de La Habana. He also obtained in 1982 special prize of UNESCO at the international art exhibition of the book in Leipzig, Germany. Luis Miguel Valdes has been awarded first prize in engraving and lithography in different national and international exhibitions. As part of his interest to disseminate and promote engraving, Luis Miguel Valdes, next to the Mexican poet Cuitlahuac Rangel, founded in the year 2000 the workshop graphics always Havana in Mexico D.F., which in 2005 was expanded to inaugurate the Gallery always Havana in order to provide them to the graphic arts an exhibition space and dissemination. Thanks to his good leadership, the workshop is recognized for its excellent quality; artists such as Raul Anguiano, Vicente Rojo, Jose Luis Cuevas, Sergio Hernandez, Fabelo, Nelson Dominguez, I Choco, Kcho, Demian Flores and Victor Guadalajara have worked on. The artist has also taught courses in drawing and engraving both practical and theoretical in Casa Lamm cultural center. He has been director of design and digital graphics in different companies and from 1983 to 1986 he was Vice-President for Latin America of the International Association of plastic arts (AIAP) UNESCO.

He joined the Faculty of teachers and artists who in 1976 founded the Instituto Superior of art of Havana, Cuba, where he was head of the Department of engraving and reached the highest teaching category of Professor Holder in this academic institution. The Ministry of culture of Cuba in 2003 awarded him the Medal for the national culture. It is important to note that Luis Miguel Valdes since 1987, in addition to using different engraving techniques, has developed in the application of new technologies to the arts. As creator and teacher she has been invited to participate in numerous exhibitions, contests and scientific events. Luis Miguel Valdes is a prolific artist whose work load with a solid structure of years of study, experimentation and technical and intellectual work. In addition, it represents a figure important and committed to the global art scene thanks to his contribution to the art of engraving.

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