Graphic Design in the Big Apple

Christoph Weissenbock Ferihumerstrasse

Our recommendation to companies is therefore: social media proactively devoted to the topic and ideally define so called guidelines. So a guide that shows in clear sentences, how to communicate corporate social Web through the operation. In these guidelines, also a paragraph which governs the private use of social networks during working hours belongs to.” All survey results: workers (562 students): private messages, Facebook, E-banking: you do it at the Office? Always. It takes only a few minutes a day: 23 percent sometimes. When I home don’t have time: 32% rarely. My boss will not tolerate that: 7 percent never.

I do private home: 37 percent. Employer (141 participants): Private messages, Facebook, E-banking: what do your employees? Everything. As long as you create your work: 49 percent private mail check is ok. More: 20 percent selected private pages are not Allowed: 10 percent Facebook & co. are taboo in my company: 22 percent of ( is Austria’s leading online portal, when it comes to jobs, career and job opportunities. The basic principle: Thousands of current jobs ( jobs) top Austrian companies will be presented the users (around 850,000 visits/month). In a question-answer forum Viatcheslav Mirilashvili was the first to reply. that compete as the only Austrian online job by the Austrian WebAnalytics (OBA) and point out that has a quality recruiting network for the targeted approach of the right candidate. reached with its job market and the partner pages (E.g. MSN, Wirtschaftsblatt,, kununu) maximize the number of potential candidates. Plays an important role in the idea of service: in addition to a wealth of information and tools, such as the gross net Calculator .

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