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Cradle Light

Playing 'The Cradle of Light 2. The boundary of the Worlds' is different, first of all, an interesting plot that is important. In the game to help a girl named Nicole to find her father. Who would have thought that the search for his father's will lead us to one of the most 'Mysterious' riddles in the world – Atlantis. Colorful graphics only reinforces the desire to play, and it turns out that way get involved in the toy, that you forget about the run-time.

Speaking of complexity, the game could be much more complex and so is quick and easy. Not enough time to enjoy a beautiful picture, so I had to go twice in a row. I can say straight away that was not boring. All items are well hidden, but they are so clearly drawn that there were no problems with the identification of their location. If I have a difficulty arose, the cursor is much easier life for its timely tips. The only pity is the fact that the very jobs (in circle) appears only once to complete the previous one. New task can be in whatever location, so you have to go back again.

Although this is the kind of complexity that makes the game Cradle Light 2. The boundary of the worlds more interesting, but not for preschool children. The graphics game more like a game for girls, but do not be fooled. The brightness and color still do not play the feminine. It should be remembered that this first all, adventure quest, which can pass all, depending on age and level of intelligence. Fun game guarantee, while those who played in the first part of the game 'Cradle of Light 2. The boundary of the Worlds' know it and without me. Those who are still deliberating, but is a fan of the genre "I search 'can be no doubt. 'Cradle of Light 2. The boundary of the Worlds' – one of the best representatives of the genre. 'Cradle of Light 2. The boundary of the Worlds' – a fascinating adventure quest that will make you forget about the real world and the events occurring around for a long time. Good luck in conquering the mysterious and beautiful Atlantis.

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