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Currency Depreciation

In this case, many of the illusion that currency depreciation, they become richer, though the dollar and euro are beginning to reproduce themselves vegetatively in the pocket 'investors'. The same syndrome of 'country of fools' – I'm not doing anything, and dollars multiplied by improving my financial situation. Dangerous delusion for the country as a whole. Only a continuous labor creates national wealth. All other attempts to get rich out of nowhere – a very dangerous and harmful misleading. As it does not remember the oriental wisdom "Poverty – is a disease. Money can not be cured. " I have personally tried many times to warn people about the inherent risks in playing the lottery.

The result is zero. If a person wants to be deceived – it must be deceived. One of my office in 1994 was on the same site with the office of the 'Russian Dom Selenga'. All the attempts of one of the most sociable staff to entice customers (queuing) inviting them to buy property in Saratov, ended in failure. Moreover, in those days a one-room apartment in the center of the 9-story house could be bought at the price of 'nines'! Wait for similar real estate prices is meaningless to the simple reason that the pricing mechanism depends on the construction costs of real estate. Real-estate crisis is of two kinds: a collapse in prices or correction. A collapse in property prices in Saratov is impossible for deficit in the latter. The same rule will apply throughout the territory of Russia.

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