Graphic Design in the Big Apple

Cursor Know

Internet: Ideal system to look for a thing and to find another New way to know people that never you would want to know Fabulous system stops to prevent that my mother-in-law calls by telephone cybertierra engaged Cursor in the form of sand clock. HEAD: type that strives all the day to seem readier than their subordinates Somebody that arrives at the office takes when one arrives early and arrives early when one arrives late does not read the newspaper, inquires the head not to duer me in the office; he meditates with the closed eyes The one that know, know and the one that no, is head. MARRIAGE: It serves to solve problems that never you had had if you had followed the unmarried man unmarried is an incomplete animal. The married man is a complete Extreme animal of affection, subtraction of liberties, multiplication of responsibilities, and division of Dcese goods of the main cause of the divorce chemical Process by means of which an average orange becomes an average lemon fast Method to put itself fat Is good according to the married ones. The single women that does not put in this! WOMAN: When she has five years one puts in the bed so that you tell a story him. When it has twenty, you must tell a story him to put it in the Kit bed of cleaning I know The more, the more I love them dog the motor of sweeps homemade Mill of money. BOY: Joy of one marries, until they return from the school untiring Noise covered with mud Are like the peditos, only holds those of one Stage of the life, in which the unique thing that are needed to lower of weight is to bathe. We follow our Dicciochiste of the last week, inviting the readers to send to us, via email, the graceful definitions of its harvest.

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