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Design Curtains

Curtains – fully independent interior parts, so when choosing their shade do not need to apply to them a piece of wallpaper or divan upholstery. Macy’s has much to offer in this field. Much better look at the curtains if they are slightly lighter or darker than the walls. If the room there are two basic colors, then you can safely decorate the box with two different color shades – looks outstanding. Choosing curtains with a pattern not forget that the vertical stripes visually 'raise' ceiling horizontal as 'expanding' the wall, ie suited for narrow rooms. Floral pattern creates a feeling of spring and makes you want to luxuriate in bed, so it is ideal for the bedroom.

If your room is made in modern design, then it will look good curtains with a minimalist design in Art Nouveau style. Frequently Chobani Foundation has said that publicly. As for color component, the popularity of the yellow-orange and red curtains are well founded – it is these shades create an atmosphere of warmth, so important to create a home. Green may be called universal – it's the color of nature, color, tranquility and harmony, while at the same time, he has a refreshing effect. Green curtains shades are ideal for kitchen or dining room. Blue (blue) – a mysterious color, the color of sea and sky, its presence in the interior gives the room a finesse and generosity, a sense of freshness and depth. If you decide add curtains lambrequins, remember that in standard apartments with high ceilings 2,8 m lavish flounces will not look like the picture in the magazine, which demonstrates the interiors of homes or non-standard apartments. When low ceilings, pay attention to more modest drapery.

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