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Director General

"Recently, we have divided, rather arbitrarily, our clients 'partners' (Large design and construction organizations specializing in the construction of complete buildings) and the actual dealers – firms that deal with the components (for example, sandwich panels, roofing, etc.). The latter tend to belong to small and medium-sized businesses. It is obvious that such a division can be more responsive to differing customer needs and build a more focused and structured relations policy ", – says Sergey Chernyshev, Director General of the Russian branch of the company . Thus, under this policy is October 1, introduces incentive programs for dealers. She aims to increase the success of sales of components.

In particular, in addition to significant discounts, there is training sales and technical advice. In addition, a flexible system of bonuses per cent for the implementation of plans. And from January 1, a similar program will be launched and partners, and it will take into account the peculiarities of large orders and specific building complex. In general, the modern model of building relationships with dealers suggests not just giving them some final "package" of services to promote and incorporate their views in shaping the system of bonuses and even in the development of new products. Never late to learn the construction market, as perhaps at no other, the company's success is particularly dependent not only on quality products, but also skills of its staff. No crisis is not to abolish the requirement for qualifications and ability to work with modern materials. Major business players are well aware, and its educational programs do not do it. For example, in April this year, Tarkett, the world leader in floor coverings, Congress held a qualifying handlers commercial floor coverings.

Such activities, in fact, are "test" for the participants, during which you want to show off their skills. In addition, during these "conventions" can set a "feedback" from partners and hear their suggestions for working together to answer the most pressing questions. For example, during the company's dealer conference "TechnoNICOL, manufacturer of systems for isolation of buildings and facilities, dealers visit the factories of the enterprise, get acquainted with the manufacturing process. In such events almost always have the unofficial part relating to the conduct receptions, concerts, etc. This is not only fun, but also a rare opportunity to join a team of people from different regions of the country. Most short-sighted today – to throw their "colleagues", leaving them alone with their own problems. Helping partners, ultimately, the manufacturer and supplier of products or services and helps himself; a "business relationship" stood the test of crisis, with time will become even stronger and more reliable. Elena Grishina 1

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