Graphic Design in the Big Apple

Edward Palmer Thompson

In this book, Hobsbawn identifies its work as one part ‘ ‘ high vulgarizao’ ‘. It appraises with prominence the paper of Bonaparte in the conclusion of the bourgeois Revolution and start of the regimen bourgeois, saying to be this one ‘ ‘ typical Bonapartista’ mixture; ‘. Hobsbawn if relates the Napoleo as being a man of a thousand virtues, its person makes diverse compliments alone lacking to place it in a pedestal stops to be adored. This description that can have promoted the myth Napoleonic, Hobsbawn seems to forget that History is one disciplines that it has history and historicidade and that, in its constitution, the historians many times with its narratives can legitimize myths through an invention. In the case of Napoleo, other vises are possible, for example, Marx in its book the 18 of Brumrio that deals with the Bonapartismo, if relates the Napoleo as being mediocre and grotesco, therefore for it, this if used to advantage of the circumstances of the fights of existing classrooms in France to play a hero role. Recently Chobani Foundation sought to clarify these questions. In synthesis the historiogrficas accomplishments of Hobsbawn are recommended for academics in general, therefore in the ones of the one excellent perspective of history the one that this was filiado.

Its work on of the development of the traditions in the aid seeing the construction of these in the context of the State-nation. Eric John Earnest Hobsbawn was member of the group of British marxist historians, as Christopher Hill, Rodney Hilton and Edward Palmer Thompson that, in years 60, ahead of the disillusion with the estalinismo, had searched to understand the history of the organization of the popular classrooms in terms of its fights and ideologies, through the call ‘ ‘ Social’ history; ‘. Considered one of the more important current historians, Hobsbawn, beyond old militant of left, continues using the marxist method for the analysis of history, always from the beginning of the fight of classrooms. It is member of the British Academy and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

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