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European Tire

The main parameter of the tire is its size. Represented a major sign it, for example, 255/55 R16 88Q, where the 255 – the width of a tire in mm 55 – height profile is shown as a percentage of the width. In our case, the height is 55% of width (255 mm). Often referred to as the height of a tire series. Some sizes serial number is missing, for example, 185 R14 C 102 Q. These tires are called full, and the ratio of height to width in this case is 80% or 82%. R16 – it's diameter rim on which a tire of this size to be installed. The letter R indicates a radial type tires.

88 – index or load factor. This is a conditional indicator, indicating the permissible load on tire in kilograms. Q-index rate. This figure indicates the maximum speed at which the manufacturer guarantees the inherent operational characteristics of tires. Also on the sidewall usually specifies the name of the manufacturer and model of tire, for example EcoContact.

Among the additional symbols can be found on the bus: TUBE TYPE – chamber design tires TUBELESS – tubeless tire structure TREADWEAR 380 – coefficient of durability, defined in relation to the so-called 'basic bus', for which he is 100 TRACTION A – coefficient of coupling, is the notation A, B and C. Tires with a coefficient of A have the greatest amount of cohesion in its class TEMPERATURE A – temperature mode, the index characterizes the ability of the tire to withstand temperature shocks. He, like the previous one is divided into three categories A, B and C E17 – compliance with European standards DOT – U.S. compliance M + S (Mud and snow), Winter (winter), Rain (rain), Water or Aqua (water), etc. – The conditions for the operation of buses PLIES: TREAD – part of the tread layer SIDEWALL – layer of sidewall MAX LOAD – maximum load MAX PRESSURE – the maximum inflation pressure ROTATION – the direction of rotation LEFT / RIGHT (OUTSIDE / (INSIDE) or Side Facing Out (In)) – the side on which the tire is installed * For tires with asymmetrical tread pattern. DA (stamp) – a slight manufacturing defects not affecting the normal operation of TWI D – wear indicator on the projector. Himself indicator is a protrusion at the bottom of the tread grooves. When the tread wears to the level of this ledge, the tire is time to change MADE IN GERMANY (RUSSIA, FINLAND, JAPAN etc) – Items in 3209 – the date of manufacture tires (week, year) Table Index velocities

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