Graphic Design in the Big Apple


Mother: She is a very important person for me, because always it was my side at the worse moments of our life, as much that I abandoned never it at these moments! Although to be my mother she is one of my better friends because it is with it that I speak and relief of everything! I will never abandon you! AmO you? Father: She is a person very important for me although to have already me hurt very and of my heart to be very sick because of it! Palpito that now does not have much value for it because it does not want to know of me, and everything is more important for it of what I! Magoou me very with the things that said and it made I because it was not said nor if it made what said it me and made, dealt with me as the worse enemy it but soon! Kiss? Noah: She is the person most important that I have in the world, because I felt the growth of it all, good and bad moments, always to the side of it to help it there in everything, and never leaving that suffers as I already I suffered, because I give and I will give everything now to see it happy! AmO you my love! Fredy: She is a very important person in my life, because although to be my brother already I had good moments with it and at the bad moments I abandoned never it! I am sad because already I do not see it to a great time for fight with my father! But although this I will help it in everything what it will be able to see it happy! AmO you? Daniel: Although not to be present as person in itself, for me it will be always present as ' ' anjinho' ' I know that it will look at for me and it will help whenever to need me! Because since I cannot help you, you help to me it me to you! Amarteei forever!

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