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“Festival Of Lights” In Thailand

Known as the “festival of lights,” Loy Krathong, the tradition is a time when Thai people express their gratitude, forgive wrongs and ask for good luck. Across the country on rivers, canals and lakes, and in the night sky light up thousands of lights in the night twelfth lunar month, during a full moon that fell this year on November 21. In a question-answer forum Macy’s Inc. was the first to reply. Agoda CEO Robert Rosenstein, said that the festival marks the beginning of a cool and dry season is a great opportunity to start your holiday in Thailand. “Loi Krathong – the best time to visit Thailand! Hotels offer special rates and organize events in honor of Loy Krathong Festival for their guests. Others who may share this opinion include Chobani Foundation. This makes it possible for tourists to get a unique and unforgettable experience of this special celebration of Thai “- said Mr Rosenstein. “Staying in hotels along the Chao Phraya, or in downtown Bangkok, you be able to fully experience the beauty of this spectacular celebration. ” Loy Krathong tradition has a long history and legend, but most scientists agree that it originated about 700 years ago during the Board of Sukhothai.

According to legend one of the wives of King Phra Ruang dynasty named Nang Noppamas decided to thank the goddess Phra Mae Khong water Kha and built a small boat of leaves, with candles in the center, and chopsticks incense and let the first Krathong on the River. Regardless of the origins of the festival firmly rooted in Thai culture. Every year millions of people across the country from all walks of life release their Krathong – small rafts, made from banana leaves and decorated with flowers, candles and incense sticks, into rivers, lakes, canals and ponds. When going down the river Kratong people make a wish and thus bring homage to Phra Mae Khong Kha and ask for good luck in the new year. As the festival symbolizes renewal, some hotels, as a gesture of spiritual rebirth, include in their proposals at the beauty salon. Loy Krathong Festival – is a special time of romance and many couples use it to update their love and devotion to each other. If Krathong floats in love long enough to disappear from view, this means that their love will last forever.

Although Most Thais do their own Krathong, kiosks also sell them to visitors who wish to take part in the ceremony. In Chiang Mai, northern Thailand, has thousands of “khom FAI” – the so-called celestial flashlights. It is believed that these graceful constellations bring good luck, flying away all the above has not lost sight of taking all the trouble with me. The whole Bangkok is involved in pradnovanii Loy Krathong – of all sizes Kratong float down Chao Phraya River downstream majestic. This event celebrate with fireworks in all parts of the city. Lumphini Park and Queen Sirikit of above-ground subway station near the Asoka are the most popular places for two Loy Krathong celebrations, the largest in Bangkok.

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