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What shoes will be in fashion for spring summer 2008? According to experts, the shoes will be the main tool for drawing attention to the legs. It will use various means to shoes and used material of whom have sewn shoes, played a bright color. In the spring season in the women's shoe designers are four trends: "The elegant shoes for the city", "Minimalism", "Historical footwear" and "Remembering the Wild West." The elegant city Women's Shoes style luxury that can be worn to the office. Modern ideas of spring fashion lines and forms exclusively elegant and spring-like youth. Color – Orange, temnooranzhevy and fashionable coral color come replaced by the fashion for red. Colors are still relevant yellow, red, brilliant blue.

Fashionable sandals in the spring season and blunt court shoes in small wedges. A few models, the earliest in the season of spring 2008 was get in my collection online store, clothing and footwear ElitDress. Material leather with inserts of textiles or leather for beautiful textiles. Everywhere there is glitter. A variety of city shoes are shoes in the summer do not colors – steel, silver color and crisp lines cut.

We are delighted that such a model our clothing store and shoe ElitDress can offer to their customers. Minimalist shoes. Shoes in the fashion of the sixties. Revolutionary design! Clear graphics and geometric. Speed and poetry. Fashionable artificial and natural materials. Is soft and gleaming surface. Luck, polyvinyl and rubber. With a metallic luster skin. Sandals in the style of the sport with a large cutout for more elegant appearance. Historical footwear mixture of styles. Popular shoes handmade in the style of American Indian and indigenous African population. Wedge-heeled sandals, adorned with stones, and the antithesis of the model – sandals on a completely flat-soled shoes and similar to Vietnam. Colors natural, dirty-gray, grayish-brown and yellow. Leather trim applications, mussels, imitation precious stones. Footwear American West. Popular Clothing – always jeans. Leather footwear is stiff and tkanevidnaya, which goes well with jeans. Here, popular slipper, comfortable summer leather boots (which are available in the catalog of clothing and footwear store ElitDress great fit together. The color spectrum – from blue to shades of red and gray. To the resort's popular shoes from the top of the mesh or splits.

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