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Foreign Ministry

Mexico is very identified with that day, as in the case of Bolivia, on where how tells it us., the Bolivian families prepare tables with flowers, candles, fruit and dishes to receive their deceased loved ones. Tables of offerings denominated Mast are installed in Cochabamba akus and she dances and sings in the famous Wallunk a, where young cholitas subject on a large swing. It adds that the Vice-Ministry of decolonization has installed a plurinational table to sensitize the population on the recovery of cultural identities and the worldview of native peoples. The Foreign Ministry assembled a table in its Hall of honor and invited all the members of the diplomatic corps at a ceremony by the day of the dead. Vice-Minister of decolonization Roberto shock said that it is intended to recognize the traditions of all regions of Bolivia and deal with imported customs that cause loss of identities, especially in youth.

In Mexico, we discussed, it enshrines the first two days of November to pay homage to their dead. Families have colorful tables with drinks, dishes, fruit or favorite cigarettes of their dead. Some even do directly in the cemeteries, to whose doors musicians are crowded take-away SERENADES to the dead. Tons of cempazuchitl (feature yellow flower) are used to upholster the pantheons. Tradition says that at night the dead visit their homes to let yourself pamper eat, drink and smoke everything what offerings of them. It is a Festival to celebrate those who are gone. Us adds., protruding not only banquets and the SERENADES on the day of the dead in Mexico. A particular tradition based on the worship of death generates more followers and mobilizes thousands of Mexicans. The current cult of Santa Muerte is a practice that takes elements from different cultures to generate this doctrine which is estimated to have more than two million faithful in Mexico and a million and a half in United States, explains a note published by the Western Mexican newspaper.

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