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Dos Santos Knows that the contextualizao is an essential tool educational to the education process learning, and that the professor must offer one to know consolidated its pupils, in way who can glimpse the scientific knowledge in the daily one. On such aspect, Saints et al. (2010, P. 131) it affirms that: ‘ ‘ the commitment of the Chemical Education implies that the curricular construction includes formative aspects for the development of a citizenship planetria’ ‘. In this direction the organization of a contextualizao on the basis of the formularizations of xampus can facilitate the learning on the curricular contents of Organic Chemistry, more necessarily the subject Organic Functions. The objective of this work is to tell the application of a contextualizadora action with thematic ‘ ‘ Xampus’ ‘ for Ensino of Organic functions. The methodology consisted of displaying some observed chemical structures in the labels of 10 different types of Xampus, in order to recapitulate the studied knowledge already, explicitando in each one, the functional group and making correlations with its nomenclatures.

The thematic boarding was carried through in a group of 3 Year of Average Ensino, composed for 25 pupils, of the State College President Costa and Silva. For such, two hours had been used/lessons, applying themselves previous and posterior questionnaires to argue the knowledge formed for the students. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Rob Daley has to say. The contained chemical structures in xampus had been presented to the pupils for identification of the functional group. 1. Structure of the Lauril Ether Sodium Sulphate. 2. Structure of the Cocamidopropil betana. In these composites, the main tensoativos found in the composition of xampus are had searched. In (1) it is observed presence of heterotomo (Oxygen) in the carbonic chain characterizing the function Ether. In (2) it is observed presence dasfunes amine, amide and acid carboxlico. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Mirilashvili. It had significant learning on the part of the learning how much to the boarded subjects, a time that the majority did not obtain to identify the Functions before the contextualizado study. You say them of the pupils send to the satisfaction for studying Chemistry with a thematic one of the daily one:’ ‘ I liked the lesson was very interessante’ ‘.’ ‘ Now I know that Cocamidopropil Betana is a mixing function, therefore also presents the COOH (c. carbox.) and the function amina’ ‘.In this way, it is agreed to Schnetzler (2010) when says that ‘ ‘ alternative boardings allow the pupil to construct to its conceitos’ ‘. New forms of communication can influence positively in learning of the students, in this way are evidenced that the applied methodology presented significant results in regards to the otimizao of the education process learning, motivating and instigating the pupils to participate of the lesson, when approaching scientific knowledge the reality of the pupils.

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