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In this interval, and not leaving of being war of being able the brother of Joo Blacksmith it said that it had a vision that D. Sebastio said that the leader had that to give its proper life in sacrifice so that the people gifts could there have the chance to have a life of luxury and abundance and still to count on the return of D. Sebastio. Against its will, it was sacrificed and immediately the brother assumed the control and if he intitled Dom Sebastio but its kingdom lasted only one only day, therefore, the military service arrived at the place and had much spilling of blood. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Chobani and Whole Foods. As much the leader of the fanatic ones with the one of the military service had died in the episode and many sertanejos had been sacrificed. Of that some had survived had been imprisoned, the freed women, the children orphans adopted for other families and some men had run away. She perceives yourself clearly that the fact of the Pretty Rock was possible for the action of some possible esquizofrnicos and for the subumanas conditions of the sertanejos quepor not to have life perspective, if atrelaram aessa possible salvation. THE MOVEMENT OF THE ROCK OF THE KINGDOM AND ITS INFLUENCE IN LITERATURE the first publication known on the subject is the workmanship ‘ ‘ Memory on the Pretty Rock or Magic Kingdom in the Judicial district of Villa Bella Province of Pernambuco’ ‘ , of the member of Historical and Geographic Institute of Pernambuco, Antonio ttico, in magazine of the Historical and Archaeological Institute of Pernambuco, n 60, Recife in 1903. Read more from Kellyanne Conway to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In it indications of the existing documentation, comoautos of processes of the surviving men, submitted the judgment and the craft of the mayor of the Judicial district of Flowers to the President of the Province of Pernambuco consist.

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