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GHz Computer

Integrated 8-channel sound card based on the audio codec high Definition ALC883 satisfy demanding gamers and will enjoy all the subtleties of the sound image in the games. It is worth noting the simplicity of the cooling system, "Axon Titanium, which is used as a standard "three": the fan processor, power supply and video card. Despite its simplicity, they are quite good to cope with cooling of the entire system and it does not irritate the noise. For knowledgeable readers will be interested in detailed configuration of the computer "Axon Titanium: Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2,4 GHz 8Mb Motherboard: ASUS P5KR Intel P35, 4DDR2, 2PCIx16, 3PCI, 1394, RAID Memory: Kingston 2Gb PC-5300, DDR2, 667MHz Graphics Card: ASUS EN8800GTS 640Mb HTDP DDR3 HDD: Seagate ST3320620AS 7200.10 320Gb 16Mb Optical Drive: NEC 7170A DVD + -R/RW/RAM Case: ATX Delux MG760 400W Operating System: Windows Vista Home Premium server test we could not resist and tested the computer, "Axon Titanium a few, known for their voracity, games. Testing programs, such as PC Mark'05 or 3D Mark'06 we have not used specifically, I wanted a more realistic environment – games. Test results have not only pleasantly surprised, but even a little shocked. We have to admit that the computer "Axon Titanium was the fastest computer of all tested in our lab in 2007. Computer, "Axon Titanium in excellent shown in the latest games: STALKER, Call Of Duty 4, Kane & Lynch – Dead Men, Need for Speed – ProStreet.

Even the highest settings, installed in the games, do not lead to a "brake", all the textures in the games were drawn well, slowing down graphics were not observed, thus, the computer "Axon Titanium gave no chance to question his titanic power. To summarize, we tested the computer company "Axon" series Titanium has the highest productivity, which is enough for the most demanding games. The owner of a computer for a long time will not have to upgrade. Perhaps the computer is "Axon Titanium may be one of the nicest gifts in the New Year 2008! Laboratory

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