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How sports changed your life – with loads of amazing info! Each sport has its own fascination, this much is clear. A defined body, stronger muscles, physical fitness and a better well-being are usually the target of sports. But regular sports has many other positive effects on the health and life expectancy. As basis for the infographic is sports Trump how sports can change your life”numerous known and current sports studies were crawled, evaluated, and graphically very vividly portrayed. How sports can change the life, shows the info graphic sports is trump”with amazing answers and interesting facts on questions like these: regular sports extended life expectancy? The answer: Every athlete who only 2 hours per week at least hand, increases its life expectancy by an average of 3.4 years. At 5 hours of sport per week, increased life expectancy are possible even 4.2 years. One more question with amazing answer is whether Sport protects against diabetes? At 5 hours of sport a week, divided into 2.5 hours of strength training and endurance 2.5, decreases the risk of diabetes by up to 59%! Sport can be also very useful to stop smoking. Because with a good training plan, the success rate is more than 3 times as high as without sports! These are just a few of the amazing facts that can be found in the infographic. “The infographic is Trump how sports can change your life” may be allocated free of charge and released.

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