Graphic Design in the Big Apple

Justblue Design

Find the right design is not at all attractive, eye-catching design is so simple the most important sales agent on the market today. That their products to differentiate themselves from the competition and found many buyers is particularly the first impression of the product. The so-called point of sale”the point of sale, meet their decision whether or not to buy an article about 80% of users only. Saying that is that here the packaging, which must be a special eye-catcher. bank-2014-04-08?reflink=MW_news_stmp’>Primerica. To achieve this, the graphic design is a common resource.

Already for several centuries, there are different types of packaging made of different materials: cotton, plastic, paper, cardboard, also in terms of graphic design, which is the actual poster child on its packaging for the product, there are various possibilities. A few years ago was the profession of graphic designer with further areas, such as, for example, printing or typesetting, combined not protected until today. Today is the one you want Graphic design developed in specialized agencies, such as for example in the Hamburg-based agency Justblue of (mostly trained) professionals. In addition to the packaging design activity of team Justblue on the graphic design focus. International customers from diverse industries hire Justblue for many years with the graphic design of their products and packaging in particular. Confidence by Nivea, axe or Apollinaris have built up the 20 permanent staff and the numerous freelancers by Justblue through short, straightforward communication between the Agency and the customer. In this sector a close contact and good cooperation will be appreciated, there are thus optimally implement the wishes of the customer and there is no misunderstanding.

The biggest success for the Hamburg-based agency is when a satisfied customer, was able to increase its sales with the help of graphic design by Justblue would like to cooperate with the team in the long term. Justblue tries the new ideas of the customers as best as possible with the corporate Idendity of the company to combine, just so can holding graphic design clients and won new, potential buyers are. “The challenge of a graphic designer is there, not only with various media, in particular packaging materials, good to be able to work around, but it skillfully using certain graphics to put in scene: here it depends on the combination, it gives that extra the overall result”. At the beginning of the 20th century, William Addison Dwiggins coined the term graphic design. Until now, this has become more and more especially in the advertising and media world, rooted, and is as a term or become an integral part of the market.

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