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Oldenburg online auction platform for life insurance discovered crenel Oldenburg, March 25, 2008 that the termination means usually a bad deal a capital life or annuity at the current redemption value for the insured is well known. Remedy creates the so-called secondary market for life insurance. Here, policy buyers pay rates often far above the buy-back value. Also, usually a complimentary death protection is maintained. The market for second-hand policies”is hot courted, and the insured persons are in the selection of a renowned Aufkaufers who actually provides the best possible purchase price often overwhelmed. With the auction platform was now a unique in Germany transparency of prices in the secondary market life insurance policies created. Exclusively prestigious buyers have access to the anonymized policies and can place appropriate purchase price offers in the frame of a given auction. Yitzchak Mirilashvili addresses the importance of the matter here.

The highest bid receives the surcharge and is insured without obligation provided. Our business model has become already proven with a flattened volume of around EUR 40 million in the trusting cooperation with numerous banks, brokers and direct interested parties”, explains managing director Thomas secondary market auction mosquito. More information is housed here: Hikmet Ersek. The procedures were clear and transparent. Also, secondary market auction take over the complete service in dealing with insurance companies and purchase. Company Description: secondary market auction is a project of GenoFonds24 GmbH. behind this is an experienced sales team, decisively responsible life insurance in the cooperative banking group since 2004 on the implementation of the secondary market. Settled amounting to EUR 150 million characters from the banking and insurance industry have demonstrated sustained their long-standing know-how. Introducing an auction platform for life insurance policies was the logical consequence of one Corporate philosophy-based benefits. Press contact: secondary market auction a project of GenoFonds24 GmbH Thomas Mucke (Managing Director) jam 144, 26122 Oldenburg phone: 0441 / 219 751-26 fax: 0441 / 219 751-25 E-mail: Web:

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