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Mahatma Gandhi

Why? Because gangs have a leader, they have rituals, they have rites of initiation, everything that we find in the mythology. Our children join them because they seek a legendary experience. When someone does something remarkable, when astronauts walk on the Moon, when a pilot takes the first solo flight across the Atlantic, we are talking about mythical searches. Jason in search of the Golden Fleece, Icarus tracing the flight with wings of feathers and wax. Since the abduction of Persephone by Pluto to Orpheus looking for his wife among the shadows of Hades; from Apollo and Krishna until all the stories in Celtic mythology, this is the deepest source of civilization and identity.

Chopra adds us, that gang, movies, soap operas and celebrities are seductive, precisely because they pressed this mystical rope, but they are vulgar substitute of Mythology. Authentic Archetypes are represented by people like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks, anyone that is raised above the daily life until the Kingdom of wonder. They reached the greatness, because they agreed to the collective consciousness, which gave them the ability to see, at the same time, several series of events and predict the future based on the elections of the moment. It is said that when Mahatma Gandhi was forced to depart the train at Durban, South Africa, he closed his eyes and saw the British Empire collapsing in much of the world. This episode changed the course of history. These events cause changes in perceptual and cognitive mechanisms. Normally, these only allow to see what is happening here, right in front of us. However, we from time to time, awaken latent potentialities and the wisdom to use them.

In Sanskrit are known as siddhis, Word that means power supernatural, extra-sensory perception, telepathy, synchronicity and all products not circumscribed scope. These are the powers that manifest themselves in the myths. In the book Reality of the soul, Jung proposes that in the primitive world all men possessed a kind of collective soul, but with the passing of the years and evolution, arose a thought and an individual conscience that helped in large part with the formation of cultures of each type of thinking and of each type of Act. A person is composed of behaviour governed by archetypes, together with their different paths and their stages. There are three roads: knowledge, power and love.

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