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Marketing and Business

Success is easy to obtain. What is difficult is to deserve it. Albert Camus, with another anniversary of this magazine which is being fulfilled digitally, which makes them three in all of its existence, the magazine, which since its inception has been aimed at, providing free to all interested parties regarding topics managerial, administrative, information, knowledge, tools that the modern economic and trading system both nationally and internationally used in support of its operations, development, participation and achievement.

Through its content, has outlined the different opinions of experts, teachers on these issues together as well as other sections covering political, educational, technological, cultural, which have been widely accepted structuring by visitors. Thanks to the interest shown by readers and fans together in addition to their comments, suggestions, recommendations, the magazine has been well received not only nationally but internationally.

Being very significant number of visitors daily. Magazine has been a great contribution of collaboration, data bank for college students, both undergraduate and graduate, who is consulted continuously. This has led to its creator, who is specialized in the area of Marketing and Business, located in the city of Valencia, Carabobo State, with a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals who have developed their own methodology work, allowing its customers to offer the application of research techniques specifically designed for cases that require it, has decided to give life from March 15 to disclose business environment magazine in print, which states as its director Dr. Arturo Navarro, will be distributed free in the Central Region at the first opportunity, planned to be in a few months. They do it for the entire country.

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