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It always needs to evaluate to the careers and to arrest itself the object most salient. Hikmet Ersek has plenty of information regarding this issue. From there because the quacks of all sort know the secret of pleasing so well to it, to the step that, most of the time, its true friends fracassam.’ ‘ ((TOCQUEVILLE, 1998:230 and 231) if it never must forget that Tocqueville was an aristocrat and that it finished of certain form ‘ ‘ pulling sardinha’ ‘ for the aristocracy. But really we have here a problemo, the difficulty in if developing the intellect due the atribulaes and the association to the cio for diverse thinkers for the intellectual development, therefore the individual that has its time taken for the work also finishes if becoming weak and has its capacity of reasoning also affected by the exhaustion. What Tocqueville does not display is that the aristocracy if feels fortified and it does not suffer from the popular aspirations, because also does not possess the conscience of that a structure exists supporting it, allowing that it can be developed in this rise, therefore if also lost its privileges would tend to a decrease of its intellectuality for the exhaustion to subject it other ends of practical order, as its proper subsistence. Clearly that the aristocrats exist who possess such conscience and for this exactly reason finishes favoring a conservadorismo that it aims at to keep estagnada this hierarquizada order.

Perhaps, this quarrel until perpasse for what Gramsci developed concerning the intellectual, cunhando two concepts: organic and traditional intellectual. I believe that something is more complex of what this, beyond the questions related the classrooms, insituies and on the consequence same them on the individual, must also be taken in consideration the desires of the proper operating subject individual while inside of this conjuncture and the incommensurable mannering versatility. More still, who it interests this clarified population or not, and in case that it is, as they filter the knowledge and that type of knowledge is this that they supply to it. Under this prism I until the Concorde with Tocqueville in the difficulty to perhaps become all this intelectualizada mass, if am that the solution would be in this, therefore who I know I must more in dedicating the execution to them of our cycle of life and not losing in them in unsurmountable sophisms. As he wrote Fernando gorgeously Person: ‘ ‘ She has metaphysics sufficient in not thinking about nada.’ ‘ more, ‘ ‘ The only close direction of cousas Is they not to have sensible soul nenhum.’ ‘ Bibliographical reference: TOCQUEVILLE, Alexis of. The Democracy in America: Book I? laws and customs of certain laws and customs politicians who of course had been suggested to the Americans for its democratic social state. translation: Eduardo Brando. preface, bibliography and chronology: Franois Furet.

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