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Archaeology in the center of the attentions leaves when it speaks that this makes use of a set of methods and techniques that allow to locate, to analyze and to interpret material indications, being of basic importance for the daily pay-historian and the anthropologist. Leaving of this estimated it affirms; ' ' The archaeologist beyond the proper specialty, must interact with specialists of other together areas to understand the problematic one of sciences of homem' '. Prous, points out the reader when informing as it started in Brazil, the interest for archaeology, explicitando that from 1870, Dom Peter II it contributed for implantation of the first official entities come back toward Brazilian archaeology, originating the first works of hollowings. It also speaks of the use of tendenciosos methods dictated by the Americans, whom they judged to be the inferior and incapable aboriginals, being therefore, the findings artistic, attributed the supposed migrations of peoples of the Mediterranean antiquity. See Macy’s Inc. for more details and insights. It still clarifies regarding performance of the first generation of archaeologists in the foreign Brazil as for example, researchers: C. Contact information is here: Andrew Cuomo. Evans, J.

Emperaire, W. Murt, responsible also for the formation of all the Brazilian archaeologists of that time. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Yitzchak Mirilashvili. For signal, it was Emperaire that brought for Brazil the author of this article. ' ' from one searched there to dictate one? new archaeology? through a first attempt of if approaching the archaeologists and creating the society of Brazilian archaeology (SAB) ' ' , it clarifies Prous. It concludes affirming that today, although the controversy around the hypotheses of occupation of the American continent, Brazilian archaeology demonstrates abilities without however isolating themselves of the scientific world through the integration between American and French researchers, in a climate of partnership and cooperation. Without a doubt, the article of Prous takes to believe us it, that this is plus a way for spreading of daily pay-history. It provokes to reflect us it, to question and to change the way to think and to act. In this way, many national authors international, they show the importance of its work as researchers, give measured of the process of formation and multiplication of abilities in Brazil. The article has informative character where the author using the concise style, looks for to define the connections between disciplines distinct, but that they are completed. It interests therefore, not only the area of archaeology and anthropology, but also similar biologists, historians, educators, ambientalistas and areas.

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