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Myths About Advertising

To influence our choices with you, use any methods or means. It's a shame that typing on the internet search for "Announcements of Sevastopol", you are invited at all other information. Download MP3 and read the ads – a little different things. In addition, advertising imposes consumers goods and services needs that do not exist. Usually it happens like this: You saw the advertisement of goods, are interested, the first two minutes crazy thing like you it buy and then realize that you have done absolutely useless purchase. Surely a familiar picture, is not it? The result – a thinner wallet, but pretty full of bags, but absolutely useless things, the absence of free space in cabinets and shelves.

And in the end what? A sense of deep disappointment. Most of these purchases are then used rarely and then only because they were purchased and a pity that they are in vain cabinet. We are wasting not only your money, but … Health! According to American sociologists of the impact of advertising in the world each year are crazy people in 2783. People do not realize the danger and continue to look "funny advertising.

" A few years ago a couple of promotional clips on television did not represent any threat. At present day, when 20% of airtime occupied by advertising, this issue is acute among psychologists. In our heads "hammered" the wrong principles, false facts, false stereotypes. In short, MYTHS … advertising myths. Let's clean. After all, in fact, we believe, for example, that beauty can not be much.

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