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Phonetics Language

The slaves on the plantations of the Caribbean, the natives of New Guinea in peoples multi-language founded in recent years and others who have come to live together with any other language in common except a pidgin, have used this as the usual language of the group. In such cases the resulting Creole has increased its structure and vocabulary with the language of a culturally dominant group loans: the Haitian Creole from French, the Sranantongo and Papiamento in Dutch and the Melanesian pidgin English. SPELLING among the illiterate people, a pidgin language is a purely oral communication environment as they are the Creoles in their early stages. Only later and generally in connection with the missionaries or other educational programs they are creating systems designed for the SOV or Creoles. Speakers of European languages have often applied the orthographic conventions of their own languages. Such words are implied a inconsistency of English spelling and it is therefore difficult to learn, distorts the structure of the pidgin and confirms the European or American naive in the belief that a pidgin is just a ridiculous reduction in English.

Those who have developed orthographies to facilitate learning, give accuracy to represent the linguistic structure and emphasis on language-independent level, have used systems based on Phonetics. The most effective orthographies of this type use available on typewriters or in print letters preferably. PHONOLOGY simplification that characterizes the pidgin extends to all aspects of linguistic structure (sounds, forms and constructions) as well as to the vocabulary. In some varieties, the accent is on the first syllable. Requires a minimum of five vowel distinctions which are which was in Latin and Italian a-e – i-o-u. Vowel sounds combine together forming diphthongs: ai-ou-au-ei. With reference to the consonants TH English has been replaced with a T, is also sometimes replaced the f with a p and s by ch.

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