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Private Old-age Provision With The Rurup Pension

“To provide the age and save tax in the circle of acquaintances asking about possible retirement provisions for the Buzzword often falls Riester-rente”. Unfortunately is this pension but not for self-employed persons and earners to complete and receive this no State funding. It looks different pension (called also base pension) with the Rurup, which also is supported by the State and designed for the target group of entrepreneurs and better incomes. So does the Rurup pension first various pensions are distinguished, so insurers offer such as unit-linked Rurup pensions or classic Rurup-insurance. For this purpose, set a monthly, quarterly or annual contribution rate.

Start E.g. at the age of 35 years with a contribution payment of 150 EUR per month, receive a monthly pension at age 65 years of age depending on the provider, up to 290 euros of plus any surpluses. Freelancer secure tax incentives by the State and entrepreneurs must in many Pay a high income tax cases. The contributions which are applied for a Rurup pension can sit in the annual income tax return as special editions. Who in the year 2011 for a retirement by Rurup pension chooses to be 72% of paid contributions (up to a maximum of 20,000 euros) as special editions. The deductible proportion rises 2% annually up to the year 2025. 100% of contributions as special editions can be treated from the year 2025. Especially for Besserverdieren the Rurup pension is therefore not just a retirement, but also an interesting model is to save taxes.

Cons don’t forget so this retirement benefits also are beautiful, the downsides should be observed. For many savers important: A capital payment, i.e. payment of all pensions in one lump sum, is not possible. People who choose a unit-linked base pension also note that losses also occur at this point. In addition, it is important to note: the pension payments must be taxed at the age.

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