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Regional Development

This program, created for law 11,196/2005, aims at to convert the generated knowledge into the universities in products or beneficial processes to the society, to promote the culture of the innovation, transforming knowledge in development, extending the net of relationship of the institutions of research with the society and the market contributing with the generation of job and income in the state. One expects with this to become viable the transference of the academic technology existing companies or to make possible the creation of new companies of technological base, fomenting the growth of incubadoras technological parks and Recognizing that innovation is the transformation of the knowledge in new products and services, can say that technological innovation is requisite important for the economic development, therefore does not have innovation without investment in P& D. According to ANPEI, the law considers technological innovation as being the conception of a new product or process of manufacture, the aggregation of new functionalities or characteristics to the product or process that imply improvements and cash profit of quality or productivity, resulting bigger competitiveness in the market. The model of incubadora of companies of the UFV Appeared in 1993, in partnership with Fundao Arthur Bernardes (FUNARBE), the incubadora of companies of the UFV has as objective to co-ordinate enterprising actions, aiming at the development of the region, stimulating the creation and development of companies who offer to products and technologically deriving innovative services of the academic community, preserving the local quality of life. Filiada to the National Association of Promotional Entities of Innovative Enterprises (Anprotec), is managed by the Technological Center of Regional Development of Viosa – CENTEV and possesss more than ten institutions currently partners, as banks, entities of classroom, institutions of research and scientific promotion and governmental bodies. In its short time of existence, the incubadora already was awarded with diverse prizes, between them of Nucleus of Reference in the Strategical area of Agropolos and the Agro-industrial Park and better program of regional and national incubation.

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