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Resistance to Change

The real resistance to change we have often heard the phrase "resistance to change," especially when it comes to organizational restructuring or about a personal life change, initially considered to be the resistance that people had already adapted the conditions and circumstances prior to and the fact of starting a new process involves a considerable effort, this statement is true for example when we are shown a new computer program many people do not want to experience it because it implies an additional effort, now we discuss the difficulty in bring real change of life, why not a simple task? The answer lies in the functioning of our mind, our mind is initially as a field in which different plants are grown (ideas) and these ideas bear fruit and become a tangible reality to the extent that nourish and take care of that idea, consider a example, say that some people have negative ideas about money and traditions have heard and repeated phrases like following: the root of all evil is money, ride a luxury car is a sin is there so much need, rich people are insensitive, the rich exploit the poor, the rich is not spiritual, rich people fall into abuse of different types, rich people are soberbiaa. etc. see what happens with a person who has these ideas, initially as a child listening to this person that all these claims and as a result of scarcity planted a tree in his mind and every day I watered with ideas and more ideas that affirm its initial conception as a result this person can not reap the fruits of abundance is imposiblea is like asking mango harvest after stocking lemons and what most people do not know is that the creation of our world to us as we mentioned ANDREW CORENTT in his book I AM HAPPY, I AM RICH, what happens is that the ideas well entrenched in the depths of our being are paying off and turn them into physical reality, for example the person who planted negative ideas about money, is now out of work, low wages they pay their debts seem to never end, has spent a lot of years and has no substantial material progress, etc. .

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