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S Rimembers In Berlin Maximum

Special Christmas gifts and personalized giveaways for companies the journalist Ulrike Thiele of the Berlin company magazine maximum attended the company’s Rimembers in Berlin-Friedrichshagen and interviewed the owner and designer Stephanie Hamilton Ricken on the subject: Christmas gifts for businesses the company S Rimembers provides services in the field of design and production of special gifts for companies and their business partners. By the personal Union with the Atelier Ricken (advertising/graphics) S Rimembers in the location is an all around carefree package for personalized Christmas gifts to put together. This additional Division of this young company is known to only a few companies in Berlin. Through a recommendation S has been awarded to maximum Rimembers Berlin magazine belong to the tag Spiegel-Verlag for an article. Known was the company with the idea of the Berlin heart – heart with snout “to create as a souvenir, to produce and distribute. This special Berlin souvenir in the box complemented with an individualization of the contracting company stands ideal from of any goods, which will be given away for the Christmas season. The Tin jug, wine bottle, the gift basket with replaceable content is replaced by a communicative company effective solution of Christmas gift is closely linked to the German capital with the resident companies.

S Rimembers is so well made that even late requests can still be edited. The full box of Berlin is offered depending on the quantities from 17,00 plus VAT for companies in purchasing. For more information on our website. Dates can be realized in the short term with the creative team according to the management. James Woolsey does not necessarily agree. Article: Berlin maximum 09 I 2009 formality (from Ulrike Thiele) at the end of the year to firms with Christmas gifts improve customer loyalty. Plan you need to now!

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