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Short Residence

It is known that there is nothing more permanent than temporary. Your temporary permit Short stay, being once granted, will be extended automatically for documents substantiating your stay in Germany, the same accounting. All you need to do is once every three month visit the office to work with foreigners, show your current BWA (if you can find the official, who, though little sense in the accounting documents and other records needed as your cow saddle) and put another stamp in your passport. Keep only what would be the residual period of validity of the passport was large enough. If it's smaller than the period of authorization, you will find a nasty surprise.

Around the fourth visit, ie a year, you find that instead of another stamp in your passport there was a nice insert, similar to a visa. You may want to visit Stanley Gibbons collectibles to increase your knowledge. This is a residence permit valid for one year or three years (depending on the mood of official). In fact, limited residence permit. Congratulations, you have a full-fledged citizen of Germany, having social security, tax identification number and all the necessary attributes, including membership in the automobile club ADAC. If you have received a three-year residence, then the most likely next visit Office of Immigration is over already receiving unlimited time residence.

That's all. In the process described there is no grain fraud or legal stratagems. It is simple and is legal in all one hundred percent. Of the drawbacks of just what this method is not suitable for all, and is designed for enterprising people who have certain finances. Note finances that are not in the pocket intermediaries, and invests in his own firm. Of the merits, we note that as a result of emigration of the method described above, one gets not only a legitimate reason for staying in Germany, but also active business, which will ensure its existence in the future. After all, it is clear that on no social security or unemployment benefits business immigrants can not count. If this Were it otherwise, the path would be a lot more thorns and obstacles. The government is sitting not fools, and they are not interested in receiving more freeloaders. They lack their own. That is why this method is quite unsuitable lovers freebies and manna from heaven. And the only people confident in themselves and seeking new horizons of their lives. Courageous and enterprising. Well, comrades? Next, nach Deutschland.

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