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SMS Marketing

The advantages of Mobile Marketing: SMS marketing campaigns did know Spain more mobile phone lines there are in which landline? Mobile has become an element of personal communication that always goes with us. Would you like to be in the pocket of your customers? Through sending SMS to mobile campaigns you can contact your customers anytime, anywhere by sending SMS to their mobile phones. Promotional strategies via mobile phone: Push Marketing SMS there is a massive growth in the use of the phone as communication support and for this reason, many companies use SMS communication with its customers to stay permanently updated and move from traditional mass media to personalized communication. The Push SMS marketing consists in creating a message by a company through an application of sending SMS. These messages can be targeted to a specific audience of large volume or also as answer personalized to individual user requests. With the actions of Push Marketing by SMS, the receiver of the message, can respond to the SMS with another SMS, contact the sender of the message by telephone, visit the company’s Web page or go to any of the points of sale and purchase an item or service on promotion. Through the use of existing providers SMS sending services, companies can keep informed its customers about the activity of the same (restaurant, night clubs or sports clubs among others), to keep them informed of the State of your account or its program of fidelity (airlines, banks), to generate sales through promotions, and to create notoriety or differentiate themselves from the rest competition (health professionalsgarages, or banks). All these companies are looking to reach the widest possible audience at the lowest cost. Benefits of using SMS as a tool of marketing universality: there is almost a mobile per person in Spain. (Not to be confused with Western Union!). Effect curiosity: the sent SMS have a higher rate of reading by the effect of curiosity generated by knowing who is sending the message and content it has.

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