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Treatment of female sterility When to see a doctor? Couples usually seek medical attention after a time unsuccessfully seeking a pregnancy, but is not considered appropriate to begin the study until they have passed at least two years in this situation. What does the doctor? If you go to own gynecologist, he knows perfectly well the history of the patient. Otherwise, the physician collects information about medical history and gynecological, and then the patient undergoes a thorough clinical examination that includes blood and urine. It also makes a recognition of man and various studies to detect a possible male infertility. If we rule out this source of the problem, begins a deeper investigation in search of a possible female infertility. First, the physician asks the patient to measure your basal body temperature every morning to see if ovulation typically occurs over several cycles.

Meanwhile, other tests may be performed. Depending on the circumstances, the doctor asks hormone analysis, an examination of cervical mucus, a postcoital test of hunh to study the effect of cervical mucus on sperm and a stimulation test of ovulation. The study of anatomical factors may be supplemented by tests such as ultrasound, hysterosalpingography or laparoscopy. What is the treatment of female infertility? Treatment varies greatly from case to case, depending on the cause of the disorder. If there is a hormonal imbalance that prevents normal ovulation, it can be stimulated by administration of specific hormones or drugs such as clomiphene, under close medical supervision.

A progesterone deficiency is compensated by the administration of this hormone. The anatomical lesions or scarring of the uterus or fallopian tubes are surgically corrected, although with varying results. When treatments fail, there is always the hope of assisted reproduction techniques. The is to make a certain amount of semen in the female genital tract for sperm to ascend the fallopian tube to reach the egg and fertilize it. The extract is based on mature eggs from the ovaries of women and in the laboratory, put them in contact with sperm from the man so that fertilization occurs. You get so many s fertilized egg that, once mature, are introduced into the uterus so that one is implanted in the mucosa and continue its development as a normal pregnancy. How are the female infertility? More than half of couples in which one has identified the precise cause of sterility achieved through treatment, to complete a normal pregnancy. Among the other couples, some sooner or later get to get a natural pregnancy. Logically, the chances diminish with age. Sterility is not serious in itself, but may cause serious problems, both psychologically and in relationships. How to prevent infertility? No sex without using condoms. Going to the gynecologist at the first sign of genital infection respect to exactly the treatments prescribed by the doctor.

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