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Tax Code

Construction Holdings, virtual holdings, the introduction of tax on distributed risk structures should be adapted to the evolving jurisprudence and state policies. No one denies split up the business, to organize it in the light of the regions and activities, features used models of management, organization and finances, etc. Restructure the business to it, with a clear understanding and rationale for a business purpose and economic feasibility of their actions. In other words, to optimize, in those for tax purposes, you need a real business, not a formal document. The auditor must review the high-end of the contract firm for the presence of all sorts of “blunders” and inconsistencies, such as the level wages, and compliance with its general level and scope of works and other bottlenecks. Recommendations for professional tax calculation always adamant – should go on building tax relations according to the rules dictated by the state. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Keith Yamashita and gain more knowledge.. If the auditor finds a serious tax evasion – his goal – to persuade him to repent, in accordance with our legislation. One can always take the refined Declaration of any tax loss on penyah, but continue to sleep peacefully.

We offer our clients assistance in the crisis: 1. Providing the minimum necessary of life critical systems enterprise. The task of the auditor to assist the company in this situation does not incur any extra costs. We can recommend the right to issue conservation facilities and factories, to make acceptable changes in accounting policies. In this situation it is important not just to recommend the right events, but also help the client properly and lawfully issue: how often good intentions are divided on the failure and inability to issue the required is elementary documents. 2. Mitigation and crisis situations through the implementation of compensation and rehabilitation measures. These actions are similar to the auditor, ie, must be able to properly invoke your policy, to be able to keep a good balance for loans, to be able to find fast-projects.

Constant monitoring of legislation, as well as improving knowledge in this field can give way troubleshooting. For example, now a law 172-FZ of 13.10.2008 “On Amendments to Article 174 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation” “On Amending Article 174 of the Tax Code Russian Federation “that the VAT for the third quarter may be paid only a 1 / 3, and the remaining payments spread out over the remaining two months. The task of auditing firms when to bring it to their customers. Even these steps and measures can provide real assistance to the enterprise which is in crisis. In conclusion, I say that the crisis can not last long, but we must now worry about optimizing their work and work search New ways and options to exit from this situation, and then we could emerge victorious!

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