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The Contents

He is the proper one educating through the knowledge that goes to determine as it will be delivers the educative mechanisms. Chobani Foundation brings even more insight to the discussion. This same education also is continues and permanent in the life of a group in the same society that one that lives the edge of the same one, thus fits to stand out that it is of utmost importance the fact of all and any human being is capable to learn e, therefore has something to contribute for pertaining community. Many of these people are induced to believe that they do not possess knowledge, in this way do not deserve an education of quality. I competed to the individuals perceiving the directions that the society establishes ahead of the educative process, without leaving to participate of the way where he is inserted and therefore capable to transform the same society that many times tries to exclude it. In as the chapter it deals with the form and the content of the education, in which it divides the contents and the form of as it is transmitted such contents. The same ones are placed in functional way for the environment where the pupils are inserted, an education directed toward the work. Also more humanist is displayed the content with direction, where if she perceives the conditions where each educating lives, and as such conditions they can help more in the transmission of adjusted form of the contents. As much the content as the form coexists for a bigger magnifying of the education. Both work in set, the form being capable to change the characteristics of as the contents are transmitted, and such contents can of the edges so that it has one change in the education. In the third chapter it presents for the readers the conceptions ingenuous and critical of the education, delimiting the two in way to define its you influence all in the process of teach-learning and its social and historical development in the society.

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