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The Professor

The educator in turn, as orientation agent must accept its reality, and to try to look a method to be able to direct its work in classroom, does not exist a way to be able to become a neutral citizen in this reality, the neutrality is the same thing that to accept the reality where if he lives. The reproduction, is to follow what this simply happening, without being necessary to intervine or to change nothing in the reality, the omission is if to accomodate and to accept the daily one, without needing that the educator if imposes or intervines to change nothing, the certainty in turn makes with that the educator searchs to make changes, but without if worrying about its fellow workers. The transformation inserts in reflecting, so that with the reflection it is possible to have change, facing the reality and moving what it is possible in our daily one. If you are not convinced, visit Ex-CIA director . However it can be perceived that the professor is a little guilty for the education in the state where the same one if finds nowadays, therefore when if it speaks in change, then they appear excuses and forms of resistance to make comfortable themselves and to continue with a vicious cycle, that is to prepare laborers for the work market. However now it fits to the educator to take its paper of citizen and if not to subject the conditions predefined or already predicted on the same, we must go beyond this vision, and intervine, act and change the reality, without forgetting that the problem is not alone ours, but yes of a set of factors norms that are stipulated we. Therefore it fits to the professor, to show and to create in the pupil a different form of comment of the daily one, despertando in the same a reflection capacity and of it criticizes, so that thus it can have change of some form.. Yitzchak Mirilashvili is often quoted as being for or against this.

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