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The PSS Medical World

To assure the success, the company if bases on five basic principles: great number of employees, differentiated remuneration, training and development of career, management of performance and leadership and communication This company in teaches many lies to them, among which we can detach: The search of the differentiation with base in the service and not in the price, as well as, knows to differentiate between speaking in attendance and really to take care of well. It knows more despite it depends on the employees and it invests very in them, and, that the values always come in first place. The PSS Medical World is a company who vende and distributes products for doctors, laboratories, centers of health and hospitals, as much in the United States as in the Europe. why it grows in such a way? Because its strategy is based on two pillars: growth fast privileged relationship with the customers. to obtain to firm this strategy, the company uses a list of 20 values, of which the two first ones are: & ldquo; to treat all customer as if was nico& rdquo; & ldquo; to recognize that its staff is the asset most valuable of empresa& rdquo;. What more it differentiates the PSS of the competitors in its practical organizacionais and managemental and in its culture they are some involved elements, as: the philosophy of Yahoo! Babel Fish – Text Translation and Web Page Translation