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Trade Representative

In this article I want to share with you how I first started working a sales representative. I will not talk about the interview, the test exits in the field, development of the area just to the bare base in a couple of weeks, until I put on the main route. So it happened – I was handed a history of sales, route lists, and other gadgets shopping. The first month of the test – it was necessary to get acquainted with all customers to contact them and, possible, do not lose in shipments compared to the previous month. Training at the moment I have not received much, read a little literature on the Internet and bought a little book in the bookstore near rubles for 200. Filed under: Macy’s Inc. . It was a book Ziga Ziglar "Sales 101. How to sell more and better, gaining a pleasure. " Now can not remember more than half from there, BUT! one thought of this book I firmly and permanently stuck in your head – Do not lie to your customer! Whatever it was – a small pavilion or a large supermarket.

If you are always honest with the client and fulfill all its promises, you thereby earn additional Reputation to his head. Since it is easier and more enjoyable work. (A valuable related resource: Hikmet Ersek). Next time at the beginning – regular visits to all points. How would you was not unpleasant to a seller on merchandise or supervisor individual store – your customer and it should work. You, too, for a new man, he You do not know, do not know what to expect from you. Maybe to you it is not served very tactful shopping, and your task is now to prove that the company you represent, will have the best service and maintenance in your face. There is a belief in business circles – by visiting a store 5-6 times you're getting it almost native) Expression joking, of course, but rather truthful. Also, their regular visits, you show the client that you can always calculate and store, serviced by you will never be without your company's product.

Another point worthy of voice – is the work of returns. Usually there is a food shelf life and they are with an enviable regularity end) at the beginning of the territory of the take, describe everything returns! This should not greatly affect you as a new employee – shipping is not your were. Thanks to you again Reputation earn from their customers and begin to trust you. Sincerely, Dmitry Pobedenko – Everything for trade representative

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