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The difference is important. For example, imagine that your keyword is toys for children. If the search without #, can be found with a tweet that says my son doesn’t like toys for children, incredible!. Obviously, this is not relevant to you. But if you search for #juguetesparaninos, will see the tweets where that phrase (put all the keywords that are phrases together, without space between words) has a special relevance, for example new outlet of #juguetesparaninos in Malaga:. This Yes might be important for you. Consequently, test search with and without the hashtag and analyze the results.

Another way to keep rewarding people for us is to see followers that we follow. For that, once we locate a user that interests us, we click on fans at the top of the right sidebar, just below the number of followers (clear!). Analyzing the list of followers of others, we find people beneficial to follow. Another way of finding who follow is looking for people or specific bodies with the help of search people in the bar top (home, profile, find people, settings, help, logout). You can find people of interest by name, Twitter id or email address.

It is not always faster, or exact search for someone by name. Imagine that you are looking for Pfizer. The results list spans multiple pages. To be more confident that we are truly following the person or account of our interest, it is best to search by Twitter id or by mail. In fact, there is no limit to how many people can a user follow. But the truth is that if increases its number of people that still too the same day, Twitter will not add more users when you have reached the daily limit. In addition, Twitter presents other limits: 1,000 updates can be made per day, with a maximum of 250 direct messages (as we’ll see how to do this) and 150 API requests per hour (changes in State through other applications like Hootsuite). But the reality is that there is a limit physiological people that is humanly possible to follow and pay the necessary attention. I personally think that follow more 500 people becomes quite difficult, especially if it aspires to listen to all them, and also have a life apart from Twitter. Imagine that you have a list of people followed by more or less extensive. Go easy, if you follow too many people the same day, Twitter could ban your account. But what can I Tweet? Comes anxiety to see the box what? vacuum. You have to put something, soon. But, what about? We see it in the next installment. Original author and source of the article

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