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University Professor

We must unite to those who do not have sewers with people mobilized by roads and highways in a terrible state. We must unite to social leaders with the people that are concerned in an indestructible unity. We must unite the leaders who believe that there is delete outdated paradigms and the harmful procedures with subverting population. Unit is the order of the country, unity is the claim, the unit is an order that is giving us the history. We must talk of unity, we should highlight the unit should illuminate the unit with plants, with candles, matches, with firewood, but unit must be lit, unit should know that we are going in their pursuit.

We must unite to women and older men with students seeking a future. We must unite to teenagers with the idea of an attractive Republic. We must unite the unionists with the poor who swarm the field cheated by expropriations and deceitful bids. We must unite. All must dedicate ourselves to build the unit. Unity is the key approach to this historical hour.

The unit is the fundamental offer that will allow us to get out of the impasse. We agree with those who sell us the unit as a panacea: Yes, we must unite the donita which can not leave at night and sad sight from the barred window of his ranch with the employer who gives I work and are considering seriously quit, throwing in the towel before the aberrant permission that forces him to remove dozens of permits and has his company to the brink of collapse, one aided by the corruption which calls and calls for commissions. I am a faithful supporter of the unit. The unit compels me, the unit runs through the streets full of hollows demanding that we take it, we acariciemos it, which give you shelter. We must unite to Catholics, Protestants, Jews and Muslims to atheists, it is urgent to congregate to worship pastor with the illiterate, urgent is the conjunction of the University Professor with the ramshackle, distant and dusty interiorano village school master.

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