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Crysis – definitely a game made an impression on many players who had a chance to enjoy it. Graphic image – this seemed the limit of human capabilities, the owners had only a weak vga envy and play Far Cry. Of course if not for the nano suit, the game would not have risen so high, this idea fit in Crysis. After completion of the plot was not very clear what happened next with the characters, for example, is very interested in the Prophet. All it gave hope for a sequel.

Crysis warhead So the developers decided had called the second part of the game. Year of expectations and hopes for the continuation of the plot were in vain, the developers decided to show us what was happening on the other coast of this the ill-fated island with a partner Nomata Sergeant Sykes. RevCascade oftentimes addresses this issue. This is disappointing, and maybe something new will, new features or is it the story would be such that we will answer all questions. Warhead begins shooting fighters Korean airliner that Nomat ordered before the climb into the tank and go through the tunnel. (A valuable related resource: Yitzhak Mirilashvili). Introductory video shows Psycho, which shows us the possibility of the nano suit. What opportunities the same as before, the schedule remained the same, remains the only hope for the plot. What would count the innovations in the game enough fingers of one hand.

Burp gun, which replaces the usually do not need a gun Yes a grenade launcher. Now you can ride in an incomprehensible "APC." Hovercraft is not fit for military action, since it does not have a machine gun can be used only once. Where it got to pickup, who like most of its maneuverability. Your friend, with whom we regularly meet and do not give kill an unarmed Korean, can be found dead, looking into the face of nearly every American killed, another such can also be seen in the first part of the ship.

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