Graphic Design in the Big Apple

Walt Disney

This until hojeeu keeps in my heart as a very legal thing. Always fascinating this pra foimuito me, these experiences that I nor wise person who was theater of bonecose tal' '. (BERNARDI JNIOR, 2009) the 2,2 FIRST CONTACTS WITH the TEATROO contact with the theater tambminfluenciou in its formation, as well as the first done works noSESC/Ribeiro Preto and its I appraise for the drawing. ' ' My first contact with the theater properly said was muitodesagradvel, remembers to have attended a spectacle, when it had oumenos more eight years, that if &#039 called; ' The planet of palhaos' ' , of a Ciaaqui of Ribeiro Preto and it had the figure of clown it scared me very to this, I I found those figures short while grotescas, then this side in the theater was umExperincia that I did not like. I liked them very drawings it Walt Disney etinha a very strong linking with the cinematographic animation, with apossibilidade of the fancy that it brought, of a fantastic world, then I fuicada time more I had contact with this until I had the chance of fazerparte of a work in the SESC Ribeiro Preto, that was coordinate workshops porvarias people and there they were developing a on project to the black theater dogabinete (that it is one technique where the actors are occult with one roupapreta on a deep black color and are placed a black light bulb where the eobjetos dolls are painted with ink fosforescente making with that essesobjetos they shine in the dark one and they simulate a fluctuation), who co-ordinated esseprojeto at the time was the Terezinha Curbani, and this I had more or less quinzeanos, and there I was during a time. I am this I had other I work queera on to a theater of content and social text, in that one time in montamosjunto to the Zuleica Carbonaro that it co-ordinated making with that people refletissesobre the situation of the man, exploration, you mark, some cliches thus in cimadessa idea.

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