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Warehouse Management System

As expected, the economic crisis, which has already been said a lot, showed weaknesses of a large number of existing business models. For example, due to changes in market conditions, many companies, particularly in the manufacturing of consumer goods were with the 'downtrodden' warehouses. But, if clarification of management areas, in charge of the warehouse management, whether they are paying attention to inventory, Planning operating capacity of the warehouse complex, moving products and materials, inventory, vacation and cancellation of materials, etc., then you can get a definite positive response. So what's the problem? Or all blame only the economic crisis? Naturally, the main reason for this has been a sharp decrease in the level of demand, but the lack of clear rational business processes in inventory management and warehouse complicate the situation. If to organize and automate support for key areas of inventory management (supply, external and internal movements of goods, completion of the warehouse on the ground), regulate the conduct of inventory control, control the movement of materials by transport and delivery of applications at the same time, a rational place products in the warehouses to the required storage conditions, quickly search the warehouses needed materials, it will effectively monitor the movement of inventory and provide real-time information on availability of materials in a warehouse in a timely manner to conduct an inventory of current inventories and properly plan for their completion. So can still worth thinking about automating inventory management and warehouse? With the right approach, automated control system for warehouse complex may ensure efficient inventory management and warehouse by automating storage processes and provide tools for assessing and optimizing inventory. But, clearly, any automation should be preceded by Audit of business processes and their optimization if necessary. As a minimum, the management of warehouse complex special attention should be paid to the development of logistic model warehouse, inventory management, until level of storage space, monitoring the location and status of stocks, as well as provide connectivity to specialized third-party systems and support storage of radio equipment.

Worth noted that currently, the management became more serious to the choice of solutions and integrators. If before, there are cases when companies automate processes like fashion, but now – it's a luxury, and such decisions are weighed and thoroughly justified. Unfortunately, often to maintain its position in the market, supplier companies have resorted to the tools of price competition, as usually affects the quality of services offered. Therefore, when choosing a solution must be realistic about the possibility of a supplier of automated warehouse management system As a rule, in which case preference given to companies that are able to provide a full range of services from auditing and consulting to full integration into the existing infrastructure (integration with class erp, crm, mes, etc.).

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