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Webdesign 2007

Webdesign 2007 – Where are the trends, what is top and what is more likely not? In the wake of the rapid development of the Internet in times of Web 2.0 web design course, is subject to constant change. Was it a few years ago chic to create animated as possible, “flashy” sites you go in the meantime, back in the direction of “Back to the Roots”. Static, clearly structured side are back in fashion. This is partly due to the oversaturation of the user with animated pages. On the other hand plays the theme of accessibility, that is easiest possible access to the side and an intuitive usability a more important role. Thus we are also continuously updated with new trends and trends around the topic of web design. For 2007, we have located for us some trends that will be taken to our client projects: * Driven by Web 2.0 and the associated trend of blogs is also found in web design again.

The blog has come more easily in optics. Some larger companies have already taken up this trend. This will continue in the coming year. * The interaction between white and gray surfaces with splashes of color used is targeted at the layout to play a major role. There will be more courage to combinations of images, graphics, colored and white areas. * Was it in the past, usually so that the background was kept white, it will be next year much more colorful.

Colored backgrounds – some with subtle textures – will compete for popularity. * The web design will be based on the surface of the upcoming new operating system from Redmond. Nature has found its way there, and is reflected in widescreen pictures again – supported by natural colors. * Special attention will be placed on lean, standards-compliant web pages, prepared well and whose texts must be easily readable. * The current table design is the use of XHTML and CSS replaced increasingly by the so-called layer design, which in addition to a leaner Source also offers more flexibility in the design. * Animations are only very selectively and purposefully used. The once commonly used intro pages are an absolute “no go”.

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