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WebFTP Facilitates The Work

But a relatively large group of people these terms are meaningless. This article is a little insight into the world of webmasters are given and WebFTP be better elucidated. On the WebMail service, I do not discuss precisely, this is often referred to as FreeMail. What we actually need WebFTP? This question can be answered very simply. It is a service that is available online.

That means he can be called via a URL on any computer with an Internet connection. This is especially important if a webmaster does not have its own computer available to perform and won a change to have a homepage. This is often necessary if timely and legal changes must be made. Webmaster must therefore outside their working hours always be able to get an access to their Web projects. By WebFTP this world from any computer without any additional software to be installed.

As above describes an Internet-enabled computer and a browser are necessary. Firewall restrictions are also not relevant because the FTP is not the usual 21 on the port but through the http protocol. In general, it is to WebFTP a web interface, which is used to upload and download of the HTML documents, graphics and scripts. Furthermore, the Webmaster can existing files on the server to edit it directly. Even the creation and deletion of directories and files is possible by WebFTP. On a UNIX server, it is common for directories and files to award so-called performance rights. The command which is designated by chmod. This function is available in the web interface. So you can connect to via WebFTP with the server, the password for the FTP account can be entered. Reference should be ensured that the connection via SSL encryption features. So that traffic is not transmitted in clear text. WebFTP is a service that always is offered more often for free. Ensure that every Webmaster is a tool available that allows easy editing of the website.

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