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The Top 10 Questions You Must Make If Your Web Site is not making any sales. Imagine that after weeks of hard work, your website is finally in the air. You have been officially opened its business an entire week. And yet you have not made a single sale. Do not despair, we have also gone through this before. In fact, this is one of the most common problems that arise. Here is something that will help make a place “without profits” in generating a “high return”: The Checklist that solves my problems if “My Site Is Not Making Money.” If you recently launched a new website and not getting the expected results, you need to get just the questions on the list, starting from number one.

Once you can answer “yes” to all ten questions, I guarantee that sales will come quickly. 1. Is there really a market for your product? I mean, you’re selling a product or solution regarding what people are actively searching on the internet … and not being found? This is the formula to have a successful business. The best way to answer this question is to do a keyword search for and confirm whether people are using search engines to find a solution to the problem that your product can solve, but are not having luck finding it. Our research tool is Wordtracker keywords favorite. You can learn more about this tool here: 2. Are you getting enough traffic? Before you can really judge the effectiveness of your website, you need only 1,000 visitors at least (not page views).

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